What Fish Can Live With Bettas: Tank Mate Companion Guide

When you understand an alternative name for betta fish is ‘Siamese combating fish’ (often Japanese battling fish) you might question what fish can cope with bettas without battling.

Well, there are a lot of fish that can cope with bettas quietly and this guide will ideally provide you some concepts that will cheer up your betta aquarium. Understood to have aggressive propensities (we like to state included character) having other fish, even with male betta fish, does not have to be an issue.

The Quick “what fish can deal with betta fish” List.

  • No nibblers– if a fish nibbles at a Betta fish they will get bit back!
  • Larger fish and vibrant fish could be seen to be daunting– you do not wish to frighten a combating fish!
  • Think about the size of your fish tank– you ought to constantly have 5 gallons of individual water area for your betta fish.
  • Lots of bottom fish * are fish that can deal with bettas.
  • Keep in mind the dietary requirements for both tank mates.
  • Include a couple of tank accessories and live plants for any frightened fish to conceal (simply incase).

Bottom fish are fish such as Plecos/ catfish. ‘Sucker mouth fish’ that tend to remain at the bottom of the tank consuming algae from the tank.

The size and established of your fish tank is necessary prior to including tanki mates. Take a look at our ideas of the very best betta tanks here.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION- Can 2 betta fish reside in the exact same tank?

No, especially when discussing 2 male betta fish. You ought to not have more than one male betta in the exact same tank. Betta fish are extremely territorial, not just will the two males wind up combating however the reality they are sharing the exact same area will worry your betta.
It is possible to have more than one female betta fish in the exact same tank. Tanks with several female betta fish are called betta fish sorority tanks and will need a little bit of research study prior to going ahead.

We will go through a couple of recommended betta aquarium mate concepts. When you understand what fish can deal with bettas you will see that owning betta fish with other fish is a great deal of enjoyable due to the fact that it brings a lot range to your fish tank.

Neon Tetra with Betta Fish.

A big/ long tank is advised as tetras are education fish. As soon as your tank includes a vibrant school you will see that keeping betta fish with other fish is not such an issue at all.


Other tetra types and betta fish compatibility? (Fin nippers).

You require to be cautious with tetras as they are understood to be fin nippers (and we do not desire our betta’s fragile fins nipped). Neon tetras kept in a school are usually okay, nevertheless if you are lured by other types of the tetra household constantly research study into whether they are fin nippers. A little fish nipping at your betta fish’s long streaming tail is going to end with stressed out fish and casualties!

Bristlenose plecos with betta fish.


The Bristlenose plecos are extremely shy, and they tend to be really reclusive. There are other numerous kinds of plecos that can deal with the betta; nevertheless, a few of these can end up being rather big. A larger betta aquarium might be required in time.

Having Plecos as a betta buddy is typically a great collaboration as the Plecos tend to avoid of the betta fish’s method. You will typically discover them at the bottom of the tank and feeding on algae from a piece of driftwood (which in turn keeps your tank cleaner longer).

Cory Catfish coping with Betta fish.

Betta fish with Glass Catfish.

The glass catfish are a cool types– they get their name as they are entirely transparent (even can see the internal organs– strange eh?)! They are an extremely calm fish that needs to not present any hazard to your betta fish. The glass Catfish do finest in little groups, they will invest the majority of their day together at the bottom of the tank next to the plants.


Blue Gourami with Betta Fish.

The blue gourami makes a fantastic tank mate for a betta fish. These 2 fish are carefully associated significance that the requirements and conditions of the tank are the same for both fish– best!


Heaven Gourami does require a bigger tank of around 20 gallons. With this element satisfied heaven Gourami ought to have the ability to live in harmony with a betta fish.

Khulii Loach coping with Betta fish.

Take a look at this video of a Khuli Loach dealing with a Betta fish and a Pleco– all taking pleasure in some salt water shrimp deals with!
Avoid to the 55 2nd mark to see mr Betta!

What fish can cope with bettas… ok, so these aren’t precisely fish …

African Dwarf Frogs with Bettas.

The African Dwarf Frog and a betta fish are a typical tank partner. There are numerous stories of success in between these 2 tank mates and they are basic rather simple to care for.

Betta fish with Ghost Shrimp.

Depending upon the size of your tank, you need to attempt to put in between 8 and 10 ghost shrimp in with your betta. Betta fish have actually been understood to make brief work of these little ghost shrimp so it all depends on the aggressiveness and character of your betta. Attempt and select the larger shimp from the pet shop– they have much better possibility at making it through and not simply end up being a meal.

Siamese combating fish are infamously aggressive and not simply towards other male betta fish, so you must not be shocked that you need to research study to discover fish that are matched for cohabited environments. The male betta fish are thought about really aggressive and 2 need to never ever be kept in the very same tank. You likewise can’t blend male betta fish with female betta fish unless you are reproducing betta; otherwise there will be betta battles and continued casualties.

Now you have a much better concept of what fish can live with bettas. Equipped with this details, you need to have the ability to take full advantage of the visual enjoyment of your betta aquarium.
Do you have any ideas of your own for what fish can cope with bettas? What fish shares a tank with your combating fish? We would enjoy to hear them in the remarks listed below!
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